Rheumatic Fever and Coronary heart Illness

Before antibiotic medicines turned widely used, rheumatic fever was the most important reason behind valve disease. Rheumatic fever is a situation that may be a complication of untreated strep throat. Strep throat is brought on by a group a streptococcal infection found within the throat.

Rheumatic fever can injury body tissues by inflicting them to swell, however its greatest danger lies within the damage it will possibly do to your heart. Greater than half of the time, rheumatic fever leads to scarring of the heart's valves. This scarring can slender the valve and make it tougher for the valve to open correctly or to shut completely. In turn, your coronary heart has to work harder to pump blood to the remainder of your body. This valve damage can result in a situation known as rheumatic heart illness, which, in time, can result in congestive heart failure.
Rheumatic fever is not an infection itself, reasonably the results of an untreated strep infection. When the physique senses the strep an infection, it sends antibodies to battle it. Generally, these antibodies assault the tissues of joints or the guts instead. If the antibodies attack the heart they'll cause the heart valves to swell, which might result in scarring of the valve "doors." (The doorways are known as leaflets.) The scarred leaflets make it tougher for the valve to both open and shut properly, or both.

The symptoms of rheumatic fever normally begin 1 to six weeks after a strep infection. The symptoms are fever, joint ache or swelling in your wrists, elbows, knees, or ankles. Small bumps underneath the skin over elbows or knees (referred to as nodules). Perhaps a small raised pink rash on the chest, back, or abdomen, expertise stomach pain or feeling much less hungry. Weak spot, shortness of breath, or feeling very tired

Please do not forget that Rheumatic Fever wants fast medical attention!

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