What Are The Effects of Cholesterol You Need To Be Aware Of To Stay Safe And Heart Healthy?

Many effects of cholesterol develop over time. These effects typically are not noticeable within days, weeks, or months, but rather they can take years to develop.

In order to eliminate the risks that are involved with high cholesterol, you need to take preventative measures in order to reduce the levels of cholesterol that exist in the arteries.

The effects of cholesterol are caused by what is known as atherosclerosis, which is a condition in which the arteries in the body shrink and harden.

In order for the human body to function properly, there has to be a constant flow of healthy blood to the heart.

Cholesterol and other matter can build up in the arteries if the levels are too high, which can ultimately cause blockages throughout the bloodstream and limit the amount of high quality blood that is allowed to flow through the arteries.

This, essentially, is what causes the long-term effects that are often associated with high cholesterol.

There are a number of effects of cholesterol that can occur, including high blood pressure, irregular heart beat, angina (chest pain), heart attack, stroke, heart disease, and other health issues.

Typically, those with higher levels of cholesterol, particularly the bad cholesterol (LDL), are more at risk for developing these types of health issues.

This is due to the fact that when cholesterol levels are high, there is an increased chance that blockages will exist throughout the arteries.

As mentioned earlier, the effects of cholesterol are not noticeable right away; they take years to develop, which is why it is critical to monitor your cholesterol levels on a regular basis.

Doing so can help prevent the general build-up of cholesterol in the blood stream and effectively reduce the risk of further complications.

There are ways that you can reduce the levels of cholesterol in your blood stream, some of the most basic methods including maintaining a healthier diet, avoiding smoking and consuming too much alcohol, reducing stress, and getting plenty of exercise.

A healthy diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, nuts, soy based products, and other foods, which are low in saturated fat and contain other valuable vitamins and minerals that your body needs in order to stay healthy.

If these methods are not enough, there are also a number of prescribed and over the counter natural medications that can be taken to help slow or reduce the development of cholesterol in your blood.

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