Before My Heart Stops: A Memoir

Before My Heart Stops: A Memoir

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Before My Heart Stops: A Memoir Overview

I was born with half a heart. God made up the difference. After living for more than three decades with congenital heart disease, popular musician Paul Cardall has undergone twentyeight operations and seven open-heart surgeries. But the one surgery he needed most his last chance at seeing his three-yearold daughter, Eden, grow up was a heart transplant. This is the remarkable true story of one man s struggle to survive long enough to get a second chance at life. Paul was a poor candidate for a heart transplant, says Angela Yetman, M.D. It would be technically difficult and possibly fatal . . . but Paul was determined to beat the odds. And beat them he did. Paul hopes this miraculous journey will illustrate two things: (1) Truly, there is a God who is clearly in charge of our lives, and (2) each of us has been put on this earth for a reason. Our job is to find it and live it. Paul says, My soul has been stretched in this journey. I m a witness that these soul-stretching experiences can offer us, if we want them, joy, wisdom, happiness, and a personal relationship with God. Along the way, Paul wrote down his thoughts, feelings, and observations in an online blog called Living for Eden. This book reflects those weekly blog entries insights and wisdom beyond his years. After reading his story, you may come away asking yourself, Who do I need to love . . . before my heart stops?

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