Some Promising Trends for a Cure for Heart Disease

Heart disease is perhaps the nation's most prevalent killer of men and women. Because of this, there is constant research being conducted to find a cure for heart disease. Although there is no official cure as of yet, a few procedures and treatments do show a great deal of promise.

A Simple Potential Cure for Heart Disease

Recent studies have indicated that the same methods used to prevent heart disease can possibly be a way to cure heart disease. These studies indicate that a drastic change in diet and exercise practices can in fact reverse or even cure heart disease.

One such program is the one presented by Dean Ornish Program. Based on a whole food and plant based diet, this program provides a very regimented and regulated plan as a cure for heart disease. According to this program, there are a number of steps that are necessary to reverse the affect of this killer disease.

The first is to lower the fat intake to 10% of your daily calorie intake. This action alone has been shown to lower cholesterol, and help with hypertension, both major contributing factors of heart disease. Also, this plan calls for lowering the intake of dietary cholesterol by a drastic amount. In addition, this program calls for a regular amount of soy protein, usually amounting to 15% of your daily calorie intake.

In addition to some drastic dietary changes, this program also calls for at least 30 minutes of strenuous exercise per day to help maintain a healthy weight and body condition. All these factors, as well as quitting smoking and drinking, in small quantities appear to be very promising techniques for a cure for heart disease.

Of course, the body is not the only part of you involved with finding a cure for heart disease. Many studies indicate that joining a support group and having the encouragement of family and friends is a fantastic way to help beat this disease. Different stress management techniques such as meditation, anger management, and even being among friends are great ways to help in the cure for heart disease.

Surgical Options

Of course, occasionally for various reasons, drastic changes in diet or exercise practices are not really available to the patient. Diet and exercise should always be the first change made in finding a cure for heart disease, but sometimes surgery might be a possibility.

Although surgery is drastic, and it doesn't always fix the underlying problem of bad diet or poor exercise habits that contributed to the disease, it can be one method for a cure for heart disease. One such common surgery is that of angioplasty. This procedure uses a tiny balloon to push open blocked arteries around the heart to aid in the flow of blood, and help in the cure for heart disease.

Another surgical method that is gaining popularity in the cure for heart disease is that of bypass surgery. In this procedure, small pieces of veins or arteries are taken from another portion of the body, sometimes the arms or legs, and used to create a 'bypass' for the blood around the blocked blood vessel.

Which is Right for You?

Which cure for heart disease is correct for you can only be decided by consulting with your chosen medical professional, and perhaps even consulting a cardiologist would be in order. Most likely the best cure for heart disease would be a combination of exercise diet, and surgical options as outlined by your doctor.

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