You Can Lower Cholesterol Naturally, Starting Right Now

Are you looking for the quickest ways to lower cholesterol naturally and safely, without possibly dangerous side effects from the frequently prescribed statin drugs? Then you are to be commended, because simply taking a pill does not change the actions that are getting bad LDL cholesterol into your body in the first place.

If you can change the actions you are taking, and learn just what to do to reduce the intake of LDL and increase the levels of HDL cholesterol you ingest, you can experience improved health and strength quicker than you may have thought possible.

To lower cholesterol naturally, all you do is stop ingesting and creating LDL and starting ingesting and creating HDL cholesterol. The differences and all the scientific, medical terminology are far above the scope of this short article.

Just remember HDL is good, and LDL is bad. And remember, the human brain is the most amazing computer on the planet. All you need to do is program it for health, and have a little willpower, and you can kiss high LDL cholesterol levels goodbye.

The first step to lower cholesterol naturally is to eliminate fast foods for the most part. Also, fatty meats, animal fats, red meat, dairy products, butter and cheese are all high in the unhealthy LDL that leads to the heart diseases and artery problems you are trying to avoid.

And a great percentage of processed foods and sweets are unnaturally low in HDL and high in LDL as well, so cut back or eliminate entirely. If this is too hard at first, apply the "once a day" rule.

Next, you need to replace these "bad foods" with good ones. Walnuts, high fiber veggies and breads, whole grains and oats, blueberries and beans are all excellent "health foods" that either ramp up your HDL and/or lower your LDL cholesterol levels. Even a small change from the heart-harming foods mentioned earlier to these heart-healthy foods can make a life-saving difference.

And finally, you can lower cholesterol naturally by becoming more active. Multiple studies have shown that only 25 to 45 minutes of moderate to heavy physical exertion shoots your HDL cholesterol level through the roof, and makes your heart healthier.

You also burn calories for up to 6 hours afterward, so losing a couple of unwanted pounds is an added health benefit. And exercise also breaks down LDL, so you have the awesome double-edged sword of natural cholesterol health here.

As you can see, it really isn't rocket science, and you can start right now. Turn off your computer and take a brisk walk, and when you return, have a snack of walnuts or blueberries, and you will have healthier, lower cholesterol naturally and quickly.

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Mary Ruddy is a former high cholesterol sufferer, from a family with a history of heart disease, and has successfully achieved perfect cholesterol levels, reversing and eliminating the risk of heart disease, and is a strong advocate of natural health care. Mary enjoys introducing people to the best natural products she can find and uses herself daily at:

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