It's Important To Make Sure You Know The Various Heart Disease Symptoms and Signs

Heart disease strikes many people on a daily basis, sometimes with fatal results. Sadly, many consumers are not aware that their chances of contracting heart disease can be reduced through a variety of means such as eating well balanced diet and participating in a regular exercise routine. Even worse, many individuals aren't aware of the numerous symptoms that indicate or show the possibility of having heart disease.

The many symptoms of heart disease vary greatly from one person to the next. The reality is some people may experience a myriad of symptoms while others may only experience a small amount of heart disease symptoms or even just one or two symptoms. For this very reason doctors and medical professionals that specialize in treating heart disease patients routinely examine the symptoms that are exhibited by a person combining that with a more thorough physical examination or medical checkup in order to make the most accurate diagnoses as possible.

Additionally, the doctor or medical specialist may also review the past medical history or their patients and any family history of heart related problems or disease because this can have a huge bearing on the patients true condition or possible contraction of heart disease. For this very reason, anyone experiencing even the most minor of heart disease symptoms should immediately seek medical attention in order to obtain a proper medical diagnosis for their heart ailments.

Although there are a large variety of heart disease symptoms that individuals may or may not exhibit there are several that do appear to be common among all persons suffering from a possible heart disease related condition. As an example, angina (commonly called chest pains) is a very common symptom widely associated with coronary heart disease. The onset of a heart attack in an individual is usually preceded by symptoms of nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations and angina or chest pains.

The condition known as atrial fibrillation is normally identified based on signs and symptoms of fainting, a strong pounding inside the chest, dizziness and the previously mentioned heart palpitations. Common symptoms for almost every kind of heart disease related conditions include chest pains, palpitations, fainting, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing and an increased swelling in the individual's legs.

The common side effect of chest pains or angina is normally caused by a lack of adequate blood to the heart. This inadequate blood supply causes a rather disturbing and painful tightening in the chest region. An inadequate blood supply to other parts of the body, such as the muscles can be the root cause for a rather painful condition in the muscles commonly referred to as claudication.

For many consumers the shortness of breath symptom is what really causes them distress and this condition is due to fluids that seep or leak into the precious air space reserved inside the lungs. One word of caution regarding this symptom because sometimes a shortness of breath of difficulty breathing can be caused by other factors such as a lung disorder or some other respiratory related problem.

If someone is experiencing all of the major heart disease symptoms then you can expect them to be suffering from a palpitations, pain, difficulty breathing, lightheadedness caused by a blood flow problem. This inadequate blood supply can also cause the muscles to ache, an abnormal heart rate and numbness and swelling in the skin based on the heart not performing its job of providing blood flow throughout the body.

With so many symptoms and based on the severity of heart disease and its ability to prove fatal it's vitally important for anyone experiencing any heart disease related symptom (no matter how minor) to seek out immediate medical attention from a doctor, medical specialist or qualified heart care provider.

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