Symptoms of Heart Diseases in Women

Heart disease is the number one killer in the world. There are various types of heart diseases such as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Mitral Stenosis, Holt-Orams Syndrome, heart attacks, Coronary Artery Disease, etc. The symptoms for each of these diseases vary. Also, the symptoms for heart diseases in men and women vary. In the earlier days most studies and research were conducted on men. But now that new studies and research have been performed on women, new results have been found. Typical symptoms of heart diseases are pain in the left arm, heavy chest pressure along with sweating, dizziness and short breath. However, studies have observed that mostly men are known to complain from these symptoms. Women, on the other hand complain of different kinds of symptoms. They experience fatigue, sleepnessness, indigestion, short breath, anxiousness. Women mostly have heart attacks later in life than men. Also, women are less prone to heart attacks than men. This is mostly because women generally refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Also, women are more prone to silent heart attacks than men.

Some other symptoms experienced by women maybe weakness, vomiting, pain between the shoulder blades. Surprisingly, it has been noted that women do not experience chest pain at all during a heart attack. Instead, they experience totally different symptoms. And all these symptoms start occurring one month before the actual heart attack or heart trouble. It has been observed that women generally refrain from admitting that their cardiac trouble is severe. They generally refer to it as mild trouble. While men on the other hand refer to their heart trouble as very severe. This is not because the men are amplifying their illness, but because the women are trying to de-emphasize their problems. Women do so because they have the responsibility of the house on them so they try to act tough.

Even menopause has been related to heart diseases. In women, before menopause, estrogen maintains HDL cholesterol in the body. Estrogen also plays an effective role in relaxing the arterial muscles, maintaining blood pressure, etc. However post menopause, the cardio friendly effects of estrogen are gone and women are exposed more to the risk of heart disease. So in a woman's midlife the risk of heart disease increases. The only solution to prevent these symptoms and further the heart disease is to exercise daily, eat heart healthy meals, lose weight if you are obese, quit smoking and drinking.

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