Learning About Heart Disease Symptoms

People do not always know when they have a heart disease. They may think that their symptoms are normal or are symptoms of something else. It is important to know the signs of this condition so that you can be prepared if it occurs. There are multiple signs of this disease. Some of the more common symptoms are chest pain, heart palpitations, lightheadedness, syncope, fatigue and shortness of breath.

Chest pain is one of the most common known conditions. This type of pain or discomfort should never be ignored. Chest pain can be related to many other things other than just heart problems but it should never be ruled out until seeing a physician. Chest pain is a very vague term and can be described as multiple things. Many people describe the chest pain as tightness, pressure or squeezing. Many times it is associated with numbness or pressure within the abdominal area. It can be associated with arms, head, neck or jaw pain.

Heart palpitations are another common symptom of this type of disease. Palpitations are normally described as a skip in your heartbeat. A skip in heartbeat can be anything from a pause followed by a strong beat or a pause followed by normal or abnormal heart beating. Others describe their heart palpitations as a rapid or irregular heartbeat. Having this type of skip in beats does not always mean you have this condition but medical attention should be sought out.

A symptom like lightheadedness can mean many things. This is a symptom of multiple disorders, therefore should not automatically be assumed. Lightheadedness, also known as dizziness, is described as feeling as if the room you are in is spinning or your balance is lost. It is a common symptom of blood disorders, viral illness and many other things. The first thing you should do when feeling lightheadedness is see a family doctor.

Syncope, or fainting, is also a symptom. This is often described as a temporary loss of consciousness and many people experience it throughout their lives. After fainting it is important to see a doctor because normally syncope can be grouped into four different categories. If categorized in the cardiac group more medical tests can be ran to determine if heart problems are the cause.

Fatigue is also another broad symptom of this condition. It is most commonly recognized as being extremely tired during the day time and can be associated with almost every organ system in the body so it is not automatically assumed. Much like the other symptoms mentioned, medical attention is needed before diagnosing the cause of fatigue as it can be related to many different factors.

Shortness of breath is one of the more precise symptoms of problems. Almost always shortness of breath is associated with cardiac or pulmonary disorders. If you have this problem or it happens frequently when you are lying on your back or if you wake from sleep gasping for air you may be suffering from this condition and you should seek medical attention. Seeing a doctor is recommended because shortness of breath almost always indicates a medical problem.

All of these symptoms can mean various thing, therefore it should never be self diagnosed. It's very important to get help if you have any of the above mentioned problems.

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