High Blood Pressure, Homocysteine and Pycnogenol - A Review

We live in a culture that attacks our health in many ways. There are work pressures, problems raising children, financial problems, and for some people, plain outright boredom that wears on our bodies. The result is a nationwide high blood pressure problem. But are the pressures of living the only cause of high blood pressure? By no means - as a matter fact, I am convinced that the environmental pressures we blame for this problem are very minor causes.

Gorging on unhealthy foodstuff is a key reason for high blood pressure and is not limited to the middle class. It permeates the entire society. What you put in your mouth has a direct relationship to your health. But, when it comes to high blood pressure, the bad foods are just part of the problem. Even your good protein foods are part of your problem. The bad foods cause us to store bad fat throughout our bodies, especially around our mid section and around our vital organs which may cause serious problems.

The biggest culprit in producing high blood pressure is homocysteine which is produced as a by-product of digesting protein foods. It is an acid and, if not quickly broken down into harmless salts, damages your blood vessels. As a defensive mechanism, your brain orders your body to make extra cholesterol to use in patching the damaged vessels. As the cholesterol builds up on the vessel walls, it restricts the flow of blood as well as being a hiding place for bacteria which, in turn, produces pain.

If the blood vessels are not somehow cleansed and the offending homocysteine removed, eventually your veins are going to become so restricted you become a prime subject for a heart attack or fatal blood clot. Your doctor is going to prescribe a statin drug, or in other words, high blood pressure medicine. The medicine will reduce the blood pressure, but in the process, stop your body from producing enzyme CoQ10 which is essential for your heart to properly function. You become subject to a sudden and unexplained heart attack.

Testing your homocysteine level is much more important to your health than testing your high blood pressure. You can have perfect blood pressure and be subject to a fatal heart attack due to your homocysteine level.

Research has shown that increasing your intake of vitamin D, folic acid, B 6 and B 12 vitamins breaks homocysteine down so it can be purged from your body. (It would be better to use a quality natural mega-multi-vitamin that includes not only mega B vitamins but also many other essential nutrients for good health.) What could be simpler? As the cholesterol is being purged from your body, a strong antioxidant such as pycnogenol, when used at a high enough concentration, can go in and help your body repair your damaged veins. From my personal experiences working with other people,the enhanced version of pycnogenol has been a God send to them.

From my personal experiences as a result of using the enhanced version of pycnogenol since I was 58, as well as from working with other people, I know the value of using the enhanced version of pycnogenol. However, you have to decide for yourself because you are the one living in your body. There is currently only one company producing and selling the enhanced pycnogenol I use. You will need to go to http://www.whatispycnogenol.info/ and click on the products button to find the product, MariPrime. Use it for 3 months and you won't believe the difference it will make.

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