So Does Fish Oil Really Reduce Cholesterol?

There has been much talk recently about omega 3 fish oil and cholesterol lowering, so is it true? The results of some early studies were mixed but more recent ones show a positive benefit. Find out more here including how to find the right oil from the many poor ones.

So does fish oil reduce cholesterol?

Well what it does is balance your cholesterol. Let's look at the facts about cholesterol first so you can understand what these oils can do.

Not all cholesterol is bad. You have two main types called LDL (the bad one if you like) and HDL (the good one). Even if your LDL is a little high, as long as your HDL is high too, there is no problem. You also want to have low levels of triglyceride fats too as these can be dangerous and are linked to cholesterol.

As you can see, it is not about having a low total level but understanding your readings and the relationship between them. Fish oil can reduce your LDL levels while increasing your HDL levels and also significantly reduce the triglyceride fats.

You should always check with your doctor before stopping any medication and ensure that if you have a test done, that you get all 3 readings so you can properly assess it.

As well as helping to safely balance your LDL and HDL levels, these oils also help to reduce your risk of a premature stroke, boost your immune system, ensure your brain functions properly, protect you against some cancers and they also have strong anti aging properties too, especially for the skin.

If you want the benefits of omega 3 fish oil and cholesterol balancing and the others too, you need to select your supplements with care.

Start by only using pure and fresh oils. Look at the website or label to see if they have been molecularly distilled or not. This is an important process that many companies skip to boost profits but can endanger your health if not done.

It separates out the oil from the many toxins including PCBs, dioxins, mercury, arsenic and lead. If you ingest traces of these not only can it damage your long term health but also cancel out any benefits of the oil.

Check also you are getting at least 50% omega 3 fats in your oils with a high proportion of DHA fats for the maximum benefits, again the label should show you this.

So now you know the answer to, does fish oil reduce cholesterol and how it works, you can confidently select the best oils and enjoy the maximum health benefits.

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