High Cholesterol Foods - List of 11 Foods High in Cholesterol

High cholesterol foods are simply those foods that raise your cholesterol levels. You should limit the intake of such foods.

First of all you should limit or avoid foods with saturated fats.

Saturated fats are found in animal products such as meats and full fat dairy products. You should reduce your consumption of read meats, especially fried, changing instead to broiled or roasted poultry (i.e. chicken or turkey), preferably free-range.

Foods to limit for better cholesterol levels

Fats are not the only foods that will help shape your cholesterol profile. In fact, it is a common misconception that all foods that contain cholesterol are bad for you. This simply is not true.

There are many foods that contain cholesterol but are not harmful to you and do not raise your cholesterol level. For instance, consider shrimp. Shrimp contains a significant amount of cholesterol but it is good for you. Of course, if you batter-dip and deep fry the shrimp you will raise your cholesterol level.

If you delve deeper into this issue, you will find foods that contain little or no cholesterol such as many packaged "junk food" snacks. Yet, even though these foods may contain zero grams of cholesterol, they may be high in saturated fat making them bad for your cholesterol level.

So do not judge a book by its cover. There are some foods that contain cholesterol that are very good for you to eat and others that will do you harm. To help you decipher between the two you can review the list below of 11 high cholesterol foods which you need to limit or avoid.

Ideally you should not consume more than 300 mg of cholesterol in a day from foods.

Limit or avoid the high cholesterol foods below:

Food -------Serving Size (ounces) ------------ Cholesterol Level (mg)

Lamb ----------------------- 3.5 --------------------------- 70

Boiled egg ----------------- 1 -----------------------------225

Cream cheese ------------ 1 ----------------------------- 27

Sponge cake -------------- 3.5 ---------------------------260

Butter -----------------------3.5 ---------------------------250

Chicken ---------------------3.5 -------------------------- 60

Liver, beef ------------------3.5 -------------------------- 300

Beefsteak -------------------3.5 ---------------------------70

Ice cream -------------------3.5 ---------------------------45

Kidney, beef --------------- 3.5 -------------------------- 375

Cheddar cheese -----------1 -----------------------------19

So to summarize, work on limiting or avoiding foods high in saturated fats and some foods high in cholesterol such as the foods listed above as well as margarine, fried foods, fast foods and any foods with trans fat or partially hydrogenated oil on its list of ingredients, and you will significantly reduce your cholesterol intake from foods.

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