The Risk Of Obesity

Obesity, as a disease, has been really affecting a lot of people in America. According to certain surveys, there is an approximately 60 million, particularly women, in America that are obese. More than one-third of these ate those women are between 20 and 74 years of age; accordingly majority of these are Mexican and African American. This is particularly because of the emergence of pre-packed food coupled with less and less of body-involvement activities had been increasing steadily some 40 or 5o years ago.

So, what is really obesity? And what are its causes? Most people would say that obesity means being overweight. But this may not be completely true. Actually, an overweight person includes his bones, water, muscles and fat in his surplus amount of weight. While an obese person has mainly a surplus of body fat only. According to health experts, a man will be considered obese if he has a body fat which is over 25%, while a woman 30%. Physiologically women have more body fat compared to men.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to being obese: certain medical disorders, poor diet, genetics, and lack of physical activity. But all of these can be conquered, one only need to have more physical activity, accountability for all of his actions, and motivation. It would also help to remember that over eating is not the only underlying issue about obesity. Environmental causes are also worth considering here. These causes are attitude, physical exercise, dietary, and lifestyle habits. And experts are also stating that some parental behavioral patterns are also influencing obesity. Now-a-days, psychological factors are also being seen as one of the main reasons.

Undisciplined life and some unconditional life style that people are presently tending to live a life that is free fro factors like insomnia, depression, and most of all frustration. These are the ones that will eventually lead to obesity. People should realize that with the onset of obesity come also different risks of disease like Type II Diabetes, certain cancers like colon, breast and prostate, and high blood pressure.

In addition to these deadly sicknesses, obesity can also be linked now to mental health conditions that will ultimately lead to low self-esteem, feelings of shame or even depression. Not to mention that many obese people are way beyond discriminated and the main targets of insults and some abusive and hurtful verbal attacks.

It will not be an easy world for these people suffering from obesity. It is as if the physical effects are not yet enough that there will still be psychological ones to punish the person. Emotional sufferings can be indeed one of the most painful effects of this stage. The present society emphasizes on physical looks so much and the idea of beauty is always associated with slimness, particular for women. And this will in return make overweight people feel all the more unattractive.

But the good news to behold is that you don't have to necessarily lose half of your body weight in order to change your life. In fact reducing the weight by 10% can already do a great deal in decreasing your chance of having heart disease. This, in reality, is more important than having the much-sought for attention because of your looks.

Eating too much is not in any way healthy. In fact, anything that is too much is never any good too. Moderate eating will always be the key, and couple it up with physical activities that will promote good health. Obesity is not something incurable. Determination and the perfect motivation can be the underlying factor that will make you change your present lifestyle to a healthier one.

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