Triglycerides Diets - Diets To Limit and Consume for Low Triglycerides Levels

Many people consider the possibility to undergo a special triglycerides diet because they have elevated levels of triglycerides. However, the triglycerides are absolutely necessary for the human body.

They are a type of lipids, which is found in the blood. They play important role in the process of storing energy for future use. The possibility to live without triglycerides is impossible.

Why high levels of triglycerides are dangerous?

High levels of triglycerides are associated with elevated risk for development atherosclerosis. This is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke. Some other factors could contribute to this risk but high levels of triglycerides are considered to be the most important factor, which contributes to the development of atherosclerosis.

Which foods increase the levels of triglycerides?

A lot of foods consist of triglycerides. However, the most important thing that each person can do to reduce the elevated levels of triglycerides is to reduce the quantity of carbohydrates, which he/she eats. Foods reach on carbohydrates are:

1. Bread,
2. Everything sweet- chocolate cakes, candies and etc.
3. Potatoes
4. Oatmeal, spaghetti, including pasta

These foods must be limited in every triglycerides diet.

What you should eat to have low levels of triglycerides?

To reduce the levels of triglycerides is not something hard. You need to reduce the amount of carbohydrates. However, you should not forget that carbohydrates are the main source of energy in human body. That's why you must not leave the carbohydrates for good; you need to limit them only. Usually, human body receives from carbohydrates about 50%-55% of the energy.

When people are advised to reduce the levels of triglycerides, they have to reduce this percentage. It is good to start with a percentage like 45%-50%. After some time you can reduce this percentage up to 40%. It is not recommended to reduce the energy percentage from carbohydrates below 40% because the metabolism of lipids and proteins would be disrupted.

One very good triglycerides diet for reducing the triglycerides is the following:

1. Breakfast:
1 Egg, 1 cup of juice, 50g cheese, 1 slice of bread, and 100g of meat- you can choose from chicken or fish. You are allowed to eat something sweet here, like small donut or a bar of chocolate
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Everything you eat during the breakfast will be digested by the end of the day. This means that you will not gain any pounds.

2. Lunch:
Fish and fruits are absolutely necessary here. Fish is rich on omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce the triglycerides further. Fruits will give you the carbohydrates, which you need. However, they are simple carbohydrates, which mean that they are easily digested and they will be used by your body.

3. Dinner:
This is the time, when you need to eat only small amount of carbohydrates. You can eat foods rich in proteins. You can drink milk, or take soy milk. Nuts and seeds will provide you with more than enough proteins.

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