Tips For Removing Plaque From Arteries To Keep You Safe And Protect You Against Heart Disease

Excessive plaque build-ups can occur in the arteries, which in turn can lead to serious health complications such as atherosclerosis, heart disease, and many other complications, making removing plaque from arteries a priority.

If you want to lead a long-lasting, healthy life that is free of the many complications that this type of problem can cause, then removing plaque from arteries is something that should definitely be taken seriously.

There are a number of things that you can do to continually support the effort of removing plaque from arteries.

Remember, these are simple pieces of advice that will help you achieve results. Any particular questions about specific methods should be directed to a professional health specialist.

Healthy Diet

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy heart is maintaining a healthy diet.

One thing that you can do is eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, fish, whole grain foods, and any other types of food that can help increase the consumption of the levels of good cholesterol (HDL).

Good cholesterol is used to clear the bad cholesterol (LDL) from the arteries, by helping to transport it through the blood stream.

The other part of maintaining a healthy diet is to avoid unhealthy foods that are high in saturated fat and sodium.

These types of foods can contribute to the high levels of fat and cholesterol in the blood stream, which are two of the many components that make up plaque.


Another effective method for removing plaque from arteries is exercise, which should be performed on a regular basis in order to burn fat and calories that result from food consumption.

Not only that, but exercise is a great stress reducer which in turn can help lower your blood pressure and help reduce or prevent the build up of plaque in your arteries.

Vitamin D

Did you know that vitamin D is an essential vitamin that can help you with the process of removing plaque from arteries?

It's true, Vitamin D can help reduce or slow the production of plaque build up in the arteries.

Curb Bad Habits

There are a number of bad habits that can lead to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular issues.

Such habits include smoking and excess alcohol consumption.

It is generally recommended that people should limit alcohol consumption to a maximum of one drink per day for women, and one to two drinks per day for men.

Smoking is a bad habit that should be eliminated all together not only for the sake of your own health, but for the sake of the health of others as well.

Managing or eliminating these bad habits will help with preventing or removing plaque from arteries.

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Mary Ruddy is a former high cholesterol sufferer, from a family with a history of heart disease, and has successfully achieved perfect cholesterol levels, reversing and eliminating the risk of heart disease, and is a strong advocate of natural health care. Mary enjoys introducing people to the best natural products she can find and uses herself daily at:

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