The Statin Damage Crisis

The Statin Damage CrisisThe purpose in the choice of the title The Statin Damage Crisis is to draw attention to the thousands of statin damaged people who have written to Dr Graveline about their disabling neuropathies, myopathies and a variety of neurodegenerative conditions such as ALS and Parkinsonism associated with statin use. Although much of the book's content will be familiar to readers of Statin Drugs Side Effects, ( this was originally planned as a new edition ) the Statin Damage Crisis adds much new material that Dr Graveline has learned of in the past two years. Dr Graveline states: "Early on my NASA doctors told me my amnesia response to statins was nothing but a coincidence but I persevered to write my first book, Lipitor, Thief of Memory." "Then I learned of statin damage to nerves and muscles and profound behavioral and personality changes, demanding I write a second book, "Statin Drugs Side Effects." Even this broadly encompassing book was insufficient to describe what I have learned more recently of the truly dark side of statins - their ability to alter the very fabric of our makeup." "I had long wondered why muscle and nerve damage seemed permanent and even progressive like my own ALS-like condition. Now I have found that the ultimate effect of statins on CoQ10 and dolichols is to damage the DNA of the mitochondrial life-force within our cells - mitochondrial mutation masquerading as premature old age."

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