Your First Signs of Heart Disease

If your doctor informs you that you have high levels of cholesterol levels or raised triglycerides, then these are your first signs of heart disease. But, even then, it is not too late to turn your life around.

Cholesterol is one of the main contributors to coronary heart disease. It causes the blocking up of, and narrowing of, the arteries. This deprives the heart of oxygen, causing it to have trouble pumping blood around the body. Consider it being something like an exertion injury and what that can do to other muscles in your body. It will cause it to harden and form scar tissue over time.

Most people who have coronary heart disease don't realize they that they do have it until it is too late, even though it only takes some very basic medical tests to show the signs like raised triglycerides and high cholesterol levels. Some people can suffer from angina pectoris, which is a medical term for a discomfort, aching, or pain in the chest, arms, back or even the jaw. This pain often feels much like indigestion, though it does not occur just after meal.

Depending on the type of angina you are suffering depends when you will suffer from the pain most. If the worst of the pain comes after some form of physical exertion it is referred to as stable angina, if it is when you are sleeping or while you are out in the cold then it is prinzmetal angina. There is also one form of angina that just suddenly comes on while you are resting, known as unstable angina. The symptoms of angina are usually accompanied by a lack of breath, dizziness, a felling of nausea and sweating.

There are a lot of ways that you can lower your cholesterol levels in your diet. The first action you must take so as to accomplish this though is to know your body's own cholesterol level. You can find this out by visiting your doctor and getting a test done to measure your cholesterol level. This will test for the amount of HDL and LDL cholesterol you have in your blood.

When you have this information the next step is to see your doctor and discuss a plan that will help you to lower your cholesterol. Working with a health professional is the best way to go about lowering your cholesterol, as you will have to make some changes to your diet that will not be too drastic and that do not deprive your body of the food you need.

Suddenly changing your diet will not do you any favors. Your doctor could also assist you to devise an exercise routine which will be the most suitable for you.

Crash diets and a sudden increase in the amount that you exercise are not healthy and will not solve your problem. A balanced and healthy approach is the only safe way to lower your cholesterol levels and live a better life, one that is free from heart disease.

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