They Said-It's Not Possible to Prevent or Reverse Heart Disease Without Surgery

Are you on a quest to peer through the conventional wisdom that says surgery or a cabinet full of drugs is the only way to prevent heart disease and heart attacks?.

It is startling, but...more than 1.6 million people a year have a heart attack, with about 1 million deaths as a direct consequence. That amounts to a death every 30 seconds.

Don't be one of them!

As you may know, most doctors promote drugs and surgery as the only option to their steady stream of patients spending thousands on hi-tech, expensive and largely ineffective medical care.

This chase for "cures" is both financially devastating and absolutely futile.

Stop chasing!

Heart disease is preventable and even reversible.

And this is not according to this author but according to some of the brightest medical scientists and doctors on the planet.

You can turn that 72% artery blockage down to a respectable 27%.

You can shock your conventional doc with blood test results so good they baffle him and he has to turn to you and say, "Whatever it is you are doing, keep doing it."

Let me share just a few more facts so you understand just what you are up against when it comes to heart disease.

Otherwise, you may dismiss this genuine opportunity to counteract your heart disease and truly change your life.

You see...heart disease is insidious. It is the type of disease that begins invisibly with a little damage to the artery but, without the proper offense and defense, it grows exponentially.

In a nutshell here's what happens:

Chronic inflammation diminishes the bodies ability to protect and repair itself
The delicate elastic inner lining of the artery (endothelial) is damaged by a variety of potential enemies
The toxins present in an unhealthy, inflammation racked body accumulate at the site of the damage and send the artery into a downward spiral, clogged and hardened.
The resulting restricted circulation burdens the heart and the rest of the organs in the body. This is the cycle of ill health that most experience for years.

The surgeries performed on heart disease sufferers and the drugs may provide temporary relief but at the same time the side affects of these trigger chronic inflammation which, as you can see, simply starts the process of heart disease all over.

Fortunately, it is possible to stop focusing on the symptoms of heart disease and learn how to treat the root cause of heart disease...uncontrolled inflammation.

In fact, the more you read about the effect inflammation has on the body the more "a-ha" moments you'll have. It will became apparent to you that uncontrolled inflammation is actually at the root of most of the major disease states we are suffering from.

It really does make sense when you think about. The stressful, toxic world we face on the outside is taking a toll on us--on the inside.

So, are you ready for the good news that could catapult you past the conventional wisdom and put you back on the road to pure health?

Well, here is the simple truth...

By fighting the root cause of heart disease and most other disease states--uncontrolled inflammation--you can prevent and even reverse the problems.

You can be healthy, entirely healthy.

NOTE: MJ Kendall at Birmingham University tested 2,000 patients, all with confirmed clogged arteries. He provided them with antioxidant supplements which are known to fight uncontrolled inflammation and found that this reduced the risk of heart disease by 47%.* Now the question becomes...what is the most effective, the most scientifically tested antioxidant?

You may have noticed, the health food store shelves are chock full of antioxidants.

Most people seeking a real cure have probably spent more than a few dollars on vitamins, minerals and other beneficial supplements. Although you may have had a measure of success with the variety of supplements you've taken over the years, a true breakthrough has probably eluded you.

To learn how to fight uncontrolled inflammation, we need to talk about Glutathione or GSH. The chemical our body produces by itself in every cell of the body but which is found in pitifully low levels in most people.

Glutathione (GSH) is so important to our health is has been called the "Master Antioxidant".

Recent medical research shows that increasing GSH or glutathione levels in the body can empower the body to make leaps toward health that were not possible with lower levels of GSH.

Medical research portals such as have literally hundreds, maybe thousands (I haven't counted) of articles detailing glutathione's beneficial effects.

That's a lot to read!

To help you grasp the foundational concepts behind this powerful breakthrough in "root cause" treatment I have put together a free series of 10 information packed emails.

In 10 days from now you will have the knowledge you need to fight uncontrolled inflammation and get your life back.

Learn about the email bootcamp HERE.

Kent lives in Indianapolis, IN and publishes for, a media source dedicated to educating individuals on the fundamental dangers of uncontrolled inflammation and the power of Glutathione (GSH) in boosting the bodies natural ability to fight most major disease states.

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