Useful Guidelines For Coronary Heart Disease

Guidelines for coronary heart disease consists among others symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. These main category help patients understand different steps that are followed in the event one is suffering from the condition. Read through to find out more about the three main stages associated with heart problems.

The condition is first experienced from signs and symptoms that a patient may feel over time. Some people experience the problem as a sudden heart attack which can be quite dangerous to the well being of a patient.

The most common symptom is said to occur as chest pain or discomfort. It can come about as a result of strenuous or light physical activity. One can also experience the same while at rest or sleeping. However if the pain or discomfort becomes more pronounced on exertion then one should seek medical help.

However, it is known that only half of the patients observe these symptoms. There are some symptoms which are experienced more by female patients. These include fatigue and a burning sensation in the chest.

Guidelines for coronary heart disease encourage people with a history of discomfort or chest pain to seek medical attention as soon as they can. It is important to seek medical help even when one has just observes one or more symptoms associated with heart disease.

A visit to a hospital allows the doctor to carry out a series of investigations depending on signs described and the medical history of the patient. A physical test involves listening to the heart beat and might also include an exercise test. The later is known as exercise tolerance test which helps to confirm and assess the severity of the condition.

The electrocardiogram or ECG test as well as laboratory investigations might also be carried out. Image studies include chest x-ray, radionuclide imaging, exercise echocardiography and coronary angiography. A doctor might decide on the best methods to use to assess the condition.

Once a doctor positively identifies that a patient has a heart condition, there are different types of therapy that can be used. One can get started by minimizing risk factors that accelerate further development of atherosclerosis. As a patient gets therapy, they are encouraged to make lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and eating more healthily.

According to guidelines for coronary heart disease, treatment for severe conditions might warrant the surgery. Also known as revascularization when correcting stable angina, it might be done depending on severity and location.

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