Heart Disease and Women - Heart Attack Warning Signs: They're Not Always What You'd Expect

We have all seen the movies where the actor clutches his chest and falls to the ground, a victim of a heart attack. Did you know that it doesn't always happen this way? Some people, many of them women, have no idea that they are having a heart attack because the symptoms simply don't fit the stereotypical view most of us have of what a heart attack is like.

Women are especially prone to having different symptoms and many times feel no chest pain at all. Even some emergency rooms don't immediately realize what is occurring in some patients. Women have even been turned away from emergency rooms because the symptoms are so unlike those of most men. A female friend recently had a heart attack and all the pain was concentrated in her jaw, no chest pain at any time! Luckily, the local hospital knew the signs for females.

The classic symptoms that we all know about include a great pressure or pain in the chest area that can extend to the left shoulder and arm. It may also spread to the neck and jaw area. Nausea, sweating and shortness of breath often accompany the chest pain. These are all quickly recognized as being the signs of a heart attack in progress. Quick medical attention is imperative!

But what if there is no chest pain? How can you recognize them so you can quickly get the attention you desperately need? Medical professionals and women themselves need to be aware of the common signs so they can act quickly to prevent further damage to the heart.

About half of women have no chest pain which is quite a surprising number. The most common signs are shortness of breath, feelings of extreme weakness, and great fatigue. Some women report that for several weeks before the heart attack they feel unusual fatigue and discomfort in the upper back.

Many females are misdiagnosed with gastrointestinal problems because only nausea or a feeling of indigestion might be present. Stomach pains may be felt as long as six weeks before the problem reveals itself, and shortness of breath can occur as well. These are common signs among women that a coronary artery is dangerously blocked.

Although warning signs may occur, the actual attack is usually more severe and the symptoms appear even while resting or sleeping. Time is of the essence, and there should be no delay in calling 911 to have an ambulance take you to the hospital. This is the best choice, as they can begin treating the heart attack immediately. Each minute of help improves the chances of minimizing heart damage.

Heart attacks in women can sometimes be difficult to detect. Now that you know these warning signs, they could very well save your life!

Monique Hawkins is an enthusiastic advocate for the use of safe and effective high quality, natural, alternative health products to treat and prevent heart disease. To learn about how to prevent and treat heart disease naturally, visit her blog for weekly tips at heart disease and women

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