How to Reverse and Prevent Heart Disease - The Easy Way

When you read or hear stories of someone having a heart attack, what are your thoughts?

Do you feel for the sufferer? Do you learn from it? Or do you care less? And think that it could not happen to you?

If this is your response, then do consider that heart attack patients once though the same way too.

Everyone has the risk of experiencing cardiovascular diseases and heart ailments.

Cardiovascular diseases is the common name that referred to several conditions involving the heart and the blood channel.

Any ailment that causes the heart or the blood channel to fail to function well is called cardiovascular diseases.

The coronary heart disease happens when the channel that provide blood to the heart and the brain (the artery) is choked or damaged.

If the blood channel gets choked, the blood circulation to the heart and the brain reduces or completely stop.

This might cause various cardiovascular problems like heart attack, brain damage, chest pain and heart failure. The heart is a small organ, only weighing 0.25 kilogram and beats 72 times a minute.

Try clenching both fists and place in the middle of the chest. This is the size of your heart compared to the size of the body. If we are to lay them out, the blood channel will be 27,000 kilometers long. Do you think that the small heart is able to pump 5.6 liters of blood, three times a minute for that distance?

If you are thin, this task could be possibly carried out easily but for those who are obese, the heart is always forced to bear the difficult burden and work hard to so that blood can be pumped to every area of the body that requires blood.

Now count your heartbeat per minute. If your heartbeat far exceeds the normal count of 72 beats a minute at rest, it's a sign that you must do something to confirm that your heart is functioning well.

It seems everyone knows, that heart disease is one of the deadly diseases in most countries. Almost 8 percent hospital fatalities are caused cardiovascular diseases.

One might be more inclined to suffer from cardiovascular disease compared to another. The risk factor of heart disease can be divided into two; factors that cannot be reversed and factors that can be prevented.

The factor that cannot be reversed is sex and age. Male, aged above 45 years or female aged above 55 years with a family history of heart diseases. For example, if heart attack occurs at a young age, whether it happens to the father or brother below 55 years old and the mother or sister below 65 years old.

Most cases of heart attack stems from an unhealthy lifestyle which include smoking, lack of physical activities (exercise), diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure though it can be prevented.

Coronary heart disease usually takes a long time to form and it involves the following factors such as:-

- High blood pressure

- High cholesterol

- Improper diet

- Lack of exercise

- Obesity

- Smoking

- Diabetes

The increase in heart disease fatalities has prompted many health organisations to adopt advice on how to reverse and prevent heart disease.

Most people do not think that they are at risk of heart diseases. Even if they know the facts, most choose not to seek advice or medical treatment. Thus the need to know how to reverse and prevent heart disease becomes more apparent.

Everyday, many people have their lifestyles 'paralyzed' by heart diseases even if it can be prevented. The easiest way on how to reverse and prevent heart disease is by reducing weight by way of a healthy diet and consistent exercise.

These two methods not only reduce weight but at the same time increase one's energy level and have a healthier heart. This message needs to be spread throughout.

It's never too late to learn how to reverse and prevent heart disease. Age does not matter but do seek a doctor's advice before starting on an exercise regime if you are:-

- Male above 35 years of age

- Female above 40 years of age

- If you experience a problem of excessive weight; more than 7kg above normal

- If you have doubts over your health condition

- Have a history of medication or undergoing treatment and medication

- Have not exercised or only exercise occasionally

With that, it has been said that remedies from nature are much safer and more effective than prescription drugs and needless surgery as well.

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