Understanding the Effects of Heart Disease

Coronary artery disease is a common term given to heart disease. It is also called arteriosclerosis. There are many causes and treatments to this silent killer. It is important to know the risks involved so you can take action before you develop problems.

You May Be Unaware

You could have no idea that you have coronary artery disease. During the course of a normal day the heart works efficiently. It pumps blood through the body and life goes on. However, that blood flow can be restricted or even interrupted. Fatty deposits in the arteries can cause these problems. Gradually they build up until blood no longer flows properly to the heart. The heart cannot function and live without proper blood supply. For many years this scenario can play out - until something has to give. If you do nothing, it will eventually be your heart.

What Brings This On?

What you eat and how you live plays a huge role, in the health of your heart.

Heart problems can be passed on from one generation to the next. The susceptibility to develop it may also come from your parents. This factor can put you at higher risk. If you have relatives with heart problems you will need to take extra precautions.

Tobacco is a known cause of coronary artery disease. The more you smoke the greater the chance you take. If your blood sugar is high, your circulation could be affected. Diabetics have a greater chance to develop arteriosclerosis. As you age, your risk factor for this disease will go up. However, younger people can still be at risk.

Do I Have This Condition?

Unless you are having a heart attack you may not know. High blood pressure or cholesterol can mean that something is wrong, so be aware of this.


Doing things that can lead to a healthy lifestyle is important. That includes exercise and proper eating. If you cannot go to a gym, try walking. Taste your meals before adding salt. Read food labels before buying. See your doctor and follow advice and treatment suggestions. Have cholesterol levels and blood pressure checks routinely. Take medications that are prescribed to you.

Take the initiative and take control of your health. Learn everything you can about your condition. Internet and libraries are a good source of knowledge.


There are many things you can do to treat and prevent heart disease. See your doctor and learn the basics of this silent killer. You may be unaware of its existence until it strikes.

In order to keep track of the heart disease risks lurking, you will need to keep close track on the cholesterol ratio. A heart disease diet with high-density lipoprotein is the good stuff. A heart disease symptom such as shortness of breath should raise alarm bells. For more free information please visit our website.

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