Women and Heart Diseases - Shocking Facts

Generally, it is believed that men have more risk of heart attacks, though latest research reveals that heart diseases kill women almost every minute. The number is higher than the one showing deaths among women who become victim to all types of cancer every year. Shockingly enough, nearly 430,000 women die each year due to heart diseases --- only in America. Previously, women around 55 were considered to be having greater risk of heart diseases, but now even younger women are suffering from diabetes and several heart diseases.

Traditionally, women store fats in thighs and buttocks where there is less risk of heart problems, but with the rise in the tendency of eating processed food fats in women get directed to their tummies. However, compared with men, women have more symptoms of coronary artery disease or heart attack including shortness of breath while walking or climbing stairs, nausea, indigestion and back pain. These signs crop up either prior to heart attack or as symptoms of heart attack itself. Women often ignore these signs blaming them on stress or being out of shape.

Studies show that cholesterol is one of the major reasons behind heart diseases. Therefore, women should maintain their cholesterol levels to avoid such diseases. Scientists believe that stress also pushes your cholesterol levels up. So, it is advised that you take a deep breath whenever you get tensed as breathing is a great tool to help you manage your stress. Psychologists suggest meditation to reduce your body's inflammatory response.

Doctors suggest regular dental check up as well. According to them, the same inflammation which infects your gums can infect your arteries too.

Women are always calcium deficient and it is one of the major reasons that they suffer several heart and bone diseases. Calcium can not only fight inflammation but it also helps in reducing the risks of cancer by regulating blood in your body.

Increasing rate of smoking tendency in women also stands among reasons behind several heart diseases. According to the American Heart Association, smoke exposure causes 22,700 to 69,600 premature deaths each year due to heart and blood vessels diseases.

Diet experts say that when you lose your ability to stop eating when you are full, you automatically gain weight. And being overweight is one of the biggest risk factors for heart diseases because it generates other devils for you, like high blood pressure, diabetes and blood sugar etc. Therefore, you are advised to dine at home rather than out in restaurants since you can easily control the amount of high fat things when you prepare your own food. Also, it is much healthier than the food prepared in hotels and restaurants.

Putting in a nutshell, those already at warnings need to ensure the following things in their life:

1 - Avoid white flour, sugar, fried foods, spicy foods and pastas for they all raise your blood sugar quickly which can trigger a potential risk factor for heart disease. Also, it increases blood fats and weakens the cells in your arteries.

2 - Doctors have suggested different exercises to help you strengthen your body and mind, and to keep your weight within limits.

3 - Keep yourself busy in doing something, like cooking or knitting on regular basis as these physical exercises help you forget your worries, making you feel normal and relaxed.

Humayun Mujahid, with masters degree in English Literature, is a seasoned O Level English Expert and a freelance writer who enjoys writing on a variety of subjects. Currently he is among enthusiastic participants of HAHD (Hundred Articles in Hundred Days) Marathon Challenge which is in progress at EzineArticles.com. His own blog is under construction. Till then, he can be contacted at: humayunmujahid@gmail.com

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