Heart Disease Cure - You Need to Take Responsiblity For Reversing Heart Disease

The problem with a word like disease is that you tend to think that it is something that is like a germ or a virus that attacks your body. The word "disease" actually comes from the Old French word desaise, which means 'lack of ease'.

So Heart Disease is not something external that attacks you body - it is the result of YOUR day to day actions over a period of time.

The good news is that if heart disease is caused by you, it can therefore be controlled by you!

Yes in the advanced stages you may also need to take medication or have surgery, but even then, your actions play a massive part in your health.

There are just 4 Lifestyle Changes that you need to make

Eat Healthier

Exercise More

Drink Less

Stop smoking

These lifestyle changes cost nothing (in fact they may even save you money),

they are very simple,

they have no side effects

they have guaranteed success.

So if Heart Disease is controllable why is it on the increase?

Heart disease is a progressive disease that takes many years to reach the stage where it affects your quality of life. The effects are not visible and there are no symptoms in the early stages. If you are not aware that something is wrong then it is unlikely that you are going to do anything about it.

But Ignorance is not bliss - it is stupidity!

Whether you are aware or not , your arteries will continue to block. Then one day you have a heart attack or decide that you should consult a doctor because you can't climb a flight of stairs without getting breathless. All the years of unhealthy living have led to this point.

Any action that you take in any of the four areas will have a positive impact on your health. The more action you take, the more benefit you will achieve. The exciting thing is that the positive results are often noticeable almost immediately. For example reducing the amount of saturated fat in your diet will reduce your weight, reduce your cholesterol, reduce your blood pressure, give you more energy and stop your doctor and your partner moaning at you all the time!!

The real problem is that unless you have been diagnosed with heart disease or a heart attack, you will not even read the advice about a healthy lifestyle. You will not even notice it, as you will not think that it applies to you!

You have no excuse - change your lifestyle or live with heart disease.


It's Your Heart!

It's Your Life!

It's Your Choice!

To find out more about symptoms of heart disease and the methods I have used to overcome heart disease since I suffered a heart attack in 1999 visit http://heart-attack-and-heart-disease.com

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