Heart Disease - Signs of Heart Disease Problems

Heart attacks' warnings are so similar to other, more common problems that most people don't even notice they are being warned. It's not until after they have survived an attack that they think back to their body's failed attempt to warn them of danger.

The most commonly found culprit for a heart attack is a blood clot that has lodged itself in a narrowed artery and stopped the blood supply to the heart. If you have a clot, your only symptoms will be due to the reduction of the blood supply caused by the narrowing of your arteries where the clot has formed and become lodged.

Premature symptoms of heart disease and heart attack are the same, and both are hard to recognize. Its slow progression is the difficulty with heart disease; it causes you to grow accustomed to the symptoms, adapting to them even when they adversely affect your life, as you never consider that they are the symptoms of heart disease or a possible heart attack in the future. Shortness of Breath, Chest Discomfort, and Fatigue are the three primary early noticeable physical symptoms, though they may not all occur; they may not occur consistently, and, more than likely, they will not be severe in the beginning.

If you are like the vast majority of the people, you will probably think that your struggle to climb a flight of stairs is due to the fact that you're aging or simply worn out, but whatever insignificant excuse it may be, it could very well likely be as far from the real problem as possible. Lots of people have thought that exercise would be the best thing for them so that they could get into shape. But most of them put it on the bottom of their to do list and before they know it, they've grown accustomed to breathlessness and will consider it normal. Sadly, they learn to live with it as the way they are. The same applies for any tiredness or unpleasantly. You may even dismiss your own body's warnings as unimportant, and try to cope with discomfort, while these sensations are actually symptoms of disease.

Blood pressure is considered the only real indicator of heart disease. High blood pressure and heart disease have the same set of symptoms; therefore a blood pressure monitor is required to diagnose high blood pressure. Recent reports indicate that taking your blood pressure at home on a regular basis is a better indicator of your health than having a health professional take it once or twice a year, and you can do it yourself without the added cost.

You should purchase a monitor immediately if you do not already own one, and if you do then now is the perfect time to start!

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