Heart Disease Diet - Your Heart Healthy Diet Begins Today

If you have heart problems and are looking to begin a heart healthy diet in your life, then the first place to take a look at is the foods in your kitchen. Are they heart healthy? Do they promote good cardiovascular health or are they contributors to poor circulation, sluggish metabolism, cholesterol buildup, heart disease, hypertension, or diabetes?

Let's begin with looking in the refrigerator. Forget the old advice that eggs and butter cause heart attacks. All the new research says they don't. The real culprits are partially hydrogenated oils and that is the main ingredient in margarine. Touted as heart healthy for years, it isn't. Wipe that concept out of your mind.

Margarine is unhealthy, get rid of it. It is best to replace margarine with real butter for buttering your toast and healthy oil like olive oil or coconut oil for cooking. Olive oil with herbs and garlic makes an excellent heart healthy dip for bread if you don't like butter.

Now look to see how many fresh fruits and vegetables are in the refrigerator. Don't see any? No diet that will enhance the cardiovascular system exists that doesn't emphasize fresh fruits and vegetables. These have been proven to not only support a well functioning cardiovascular system but also prevent cancer and aid the whole digestive system.

How about fresh fish? The Omega-3's in fish insure cardiovascular efficiency that not only improves heart heath but increases mental functioning too. Bacon, lunchmeats, and high fat meats probably are not something that should take a forefront in a heart promoting diet.

Now, what about your seasonings? Heavy on the salt and black pepper? That's going to change. Processed table salt needs to be replaced with either sea salt or rock salt. Both of these have the whole complement of trace elements found in natural seawater. The body needs these minerals and they are nutrients for the cardiovascular system. If you must use salt use natural salt such as sea salt. If you have already stopped using salt don't use a salt substitute, they are unhealthy and unnatural, your body doesn't know what to do with potassium chloride.

A much better choice is a good herb mix and cayenne pepper for a little kick. Many herbs support the cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure and strengthen the heart.

That's a start for today. It is time to begin analyzing your food choices, learning, and trying new foods and a new healthy heart diet to keep that heart happy and healthy.

Monique Hawkins is an enthusiastic advocate for the use of safe and effective high quality, natural, alternative health products to treat and prevent heart disease. To learn about how to prevent and treat heart disease naturally, visit her blog for weekly tips at heart disease and women

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