Understanding Cardiovascular Disease in Women

Understanding Cardiovascular Disease in WomenCardiovascular disease kills more American women than all forms of cancer combined, yet the perception remains that cardiovascular disease is a greater threat to men's health. This program focuses on the risks women face with cardiovascular disease, ways of reducing these risks, as well as new wide-ranging treatments for heart disease. Dr. Robert Robbins, MD, and Dr. Marcia Stefanick, Ph.D, deliver cutting-edge information on the state of research, the newest studies, and the latest treatments for cardiovascular disease in women. Dr. Robbins is the Director of the Stanford Institute for Cardiovascular Medicine. The Institute fosters and expands upon ongoing research, from the genetics and development of cardiovascular diseases to novel techniques for transplantation and restoring damaged heart tissue. Dr. Stefanick is a professor (research) of medicine at Stanford University Medical Center. She has directed several major studies focusing on women's health, including WHEL (Women's Healthy Eating and Living) and PEPI (Postmenopausal Estrogen/Progestin Interventions, and was chair of the steering committee of the landmark Women's Health Initiative.

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