Your Diet and Heart Disease

Now would you believe me if I told that by eating merely one half a serving of fish you can help prevent yourself from dying of a heart attack? Well it is true. But here is the rub for a lot of you, talking about it will not help, you must actually do it. That is consume a half of a portion of fish every week, not sometimes but every week.

We all know folks who have died of a heart attack. It is pretty easy for you to ignore the risk of a heart attack. Most of the problems that contribute to it you can hardly feel.

So if you feel nothing there must be nothing to be concerned about, right? Wrong! Your temptation to assume that everything is fine may be overwhelming. It is my experience that until we experience a loved one or just someone close to us die from a heart attack we experience no fear of it. But boy don't we all gather around and say, "but he was so healthy, not a thing wrong him and look what happened to him". Well that deceased person was not healthy as heart disease takes many years to develop and you can not reverse it overnight. So I say to you let us all start now to reverse it.

Since your diet is one of the biggest contributors to heart disease does it not make sense to check yours out and change it now if it needs to be changed? The changes for you to make should be obvious to you, like avoiding your bacon cheeseburgers and eating more fish, fruits, vegetables and whole grain. I do not mean you have to completely change today but change you must, do it slowly but consistently. Tackle what you think you can handle, then a little more. Do you know that by you eating just one fruit or vegetable at each meal you can significantly reduce your risk of a heart attack. Now that isn't that bad is it?

Even if you already have heart disease the right diet can help you reverse it, would that not be great? And that is something no cholesterol lowering pill can accomplish. The right diet may improve your cholesterol readings, lower your high blood pressure, level you blood sugar, and even take off some extra pounds (for an added bonus). Most studies I have read have proved this. Anyone up for changing your diet, get on board with this one, you only have one life, live it well. Fish anyone? And always you must eat well to be well.

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