Heart Disease Treatments Explained

Heart disease or cardiovascular disease is a term that is used to describe a wide range of medical conditions that affect the heart or the cardiovascular system. When you are diagnosed with one of the conditions, it means that your heart and arteries are not in top physical shape and your risk is much higher for medical problems like a heart attack or stroke. This is why it is important to seek effective heart disease treatments, like medications that will help to keep your cardiovascular system in good working condition and prevent future problems from occurring.


Beta blockers are considered one of the effective heart disease treatments because they slow the heart and lower blood pressure so the heart does not have to work so hard. This medication is often used for patients with high blood pressure and to prevent a second heart attack.


This medication is also known as water pills because it rids the body of excess fluid. This can allow blood to flow more freely through the vessels, putting less strain on the heart. Diuretics are a popular form of heart disease treatment that is often prescribed first when high blood pressure is diagnosed. Sometimes diuretics are used with other forms of heart disease treatments for maximum benefit.

Cardiovascular disease is a scary condition to be diagnosed with, because it can greatly increase your chances of other medical problems like heart attack and stroke. However, with the right heart disease treatments you can get your condition under control and prevent problems in the future.

Nitrates and Calcium Channel Blockers

These medications are effective heart disease treatments because they relax the blood vessels to relieve chest pain and bring high blood pressure down. Patients who suffer with angina often keep nitroglycerin (one form of nitrate) handy in case they experience chest pain. Others will take calcium channel blockers to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of other conditions associated with hypertension.


One of the most common types of heart disease treatments is inexpensive and can be purchased over the counter. Low dose aspirin has been found to reduce the incidence of a second heart attack in those who have already experienced one. It is often recommended as one of the heart disease treatments as well, although the FDA has not approved it for this purpose. Aspirin can help to keep arteries open for blood to move through freely, but it is not right for everyone. Talk to your doctor about whether the risks will outweigh the benefits.

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